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Sep 11, 2018

"'If you just hold your tummy tight you’ll be fine’…we’ve communicated, stiff equals strong, but really that dynamic quality is more like function and fitness, we move and so that system needs to move too to mimic that”

We speak with physical therapist Julie Wiebe about the role of breathing and the pelvic floor in the core system, and how this can be integrated into fitness. Julie also discusses common patterns she sees in assessments and how changing these patterns can improve someones function. 

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00:29 Can you introduce yourself?

01:53 What are your thoughts on pregnancy and exercise?

03:14 Can you explain the core system?

04:26 How does breathing and the pelvic floor work together?

05:57 Why do you call that piston science?

07:15 How can someone’s breathing pattern become altered?

09:40 What are some common breathing patterns you see?

11:09 Is belly breathing a good strategy to use?

12:52 When do you assess peoples breathing pattern?

15:20 How do you pick up a patients breathing pattern in an assessment? Do you tell them you’re looking at their breathing?

16:19 Do you think that someone’s posture has a big effect on breathing?

17:33 How do you get people back to sports/activities?

19:08 How long does it take people to change their breathing pattern without having to think about it?

21:09 How often do you get people to use these patterns to reinforce the strategy?

22:31 How do you help athletes going back to sports where they cannot use an optimal breathing strategy?

24:45 Are there good and bad ways of breath holding?

27:52 How do you know how someone is using their pelvic floor with sport specific movements?

29:38 Do cues for breath holding change if someone is wearing a weight lifting belt?

32:41 For non-pelvic health physios, when would you recommend they refer to a pelvic health physio?

35:07 How do you test core strength?

36:11 What are the basic movements you look at in a first assessment with someone?

36:49 What are your thoughts on knee valgus with single leg squat?

39:14 Is there any research that involves the pelvic floor and core/breathing system?

42:05 Where can people find out more about you?