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Nov 27, 2018

We speak with Johnny Owens, PT, from Owens Recovery Science. Johnny gives a great overview of blood flow restriction training and its use in the rehabilitation setting. This podcast covers a lot of ground, including:

- The basics and science behind blood flow restriction

- How to use it clinically

- What patient populations can benefit from BFR

- Risks and contraindications

- Future applications and research

- And more!

To find out more, you can listen to Owens Recovery Science podcast.

Learn more about us here.

00:25 Can you introduce yourself?

00:58 How did you get started with Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) and what made you decide to start an educational company?

03:09 What is BFR and how does it work?

07:13 Is the research in this area new or has it been around a long time?

4.What is the theory behind BFR?

5.What is the current research on BFR and what is still unknown?

08:33 What are the main populations that can benefit from BFR?

11:20 Are there any contraindications to using BFR?

13:39 Do you have to have a certain occlusion pressure to get the effect?

16: 32 What are the risks with BFR?

18:52 Any neural or sensory issues from the compression?

21:20 What is your opinion on the cheaper pump up cuffs without Doppler ultrasound to determine limb occlusion pressure?

24:29 Is there are a minimum frequency that must be achieved with BFR to make clinically significant changes?

25:50 If the cuff has to be proximal to the area that is worked on, how can it be effective for something like shoulder rehab?

29:01 A few studies cite the 30-15-15-15 protocol. Is this just a generic approach to prescribing BFR based on current research or is there more flexibility in prescribing BFR?

33:24 Would you do multiple exercises in one session with the cuff on?

35:34 If someone can lift over 75% of their max, do you not use a cuff?

36:11 What about using BFR for non-injured athletes (for performance)?

39:01 What are your thoughts on non-health professionals using BFR?

40:59 Are there screening questionnaires for BFR?

42:18 When after an injury or surgery would you start using BFR?

45:33 What are some big unknowns you hope will be answered with future research?

48:04 What about use of BFR in hospitals?

48:55 Where can people find out more about you?