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Oct 26, 2020

We speak with physiotherapist, Rich Severin [DPT, PhD(c), CCS] about the importance of screening for cardiovascular risk factors during musculoskeletal assessments. Rich discusses a case study demonstrating the impact that screening can have, how you can screen in your practice, and the #VitalsareVital campaign.

Find out more about Rich:

Twitter: @ptreviewer

Instagram: @pt_reviewer


00:56 Can you introduce yourself?

02:32 What made you interested in doing two specialties?

04:29 What got you started with the vitals campaign?

08:44 What is the education like in schools for cardiovascular screening in MSK?

11:24 Can you take us through a case study?

15:24 Were you screening regularly at that point or was it the history that prompted you to take blood pressure?

16:52 Do you take blood pressure in younger populations?

18:49 Is there anything that you include in your screen beyond heart rate and blood pressure?

19:35 Is there any pushback from clinicians about implementing this in an assessment?

24:50 What cutoff values do you use for blood pressure? When would you refer someone on?

27:53 Do you have a standardized method of screening that you use in your clinic?

31:35 How is high blood pressure diagnosed?

33:15 Guidelines are to measure blood pressure in both arms, what accounts for differences between arms?

34:06 How immediate are changes in blood pressure with exercise?

38:13 How long would it take to see long term changes in hypertension?

39:18 What equipment do you use for testing? With exercise?

43:49 Does hypertension have an effect on orthopedic conditions?

47:32 More on the Vitals are Vital campaign

52:38 Where can people find out more about you?