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Dec 20, 2018

We speak with Canadian Men’s National Basketball Team Performance Coaches Charlie Weingroff and Karamvir Gill about their experiences working with the team, getting injured athletes back to playing, and how training = rehab. 

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00:28 Would you like to introduce yourselves?

01:02 Can you talk about your experience working for team Canada basketball and how you approach working together?

03:58 What’s your framework for developing a well-rounded strength and conditioning program?

06:17 At what level of sport or what age do you think it is important for kids to learn strength and conditioning?

08:22 There’s a lot of overlap between rehab programs and strength and conditioning programs. Do you look at those separately or together? How do you approach that?

10:08 What about if a player was recovering from an injury?

12:27 For physios or clinicians who aren’t working closely with a team but may be treating athletes, how would you suggest they communicate with the team coaches/strength coaches?

13:06 How can a physio at a clinic help to integrate their athlete back into their sports program?

16:34 How do you transition athletes back to playing? How do you determine when an athlete is ready to play again?

19:46 Do you use an athletes pain level as an outcome measure?

21:43 Do you incorporate pain science education into what you do with your athletes?

24:08 What are your opinions on biomechanics and how do you incorporate that into an athletes performance?

28:01 What are your thoughts on traditional physio equipment such as therabands?

28:56 Some physio clinics you go to, theres a treatment table, theraband, and weights up to 10 lbs. Do you think that is enough to get an athlete back to a high level of sport? Eg. A basketball player.

30:47 For clinicians who have not been taught a lot of strength and conditioning principles, do you have any recommendations on where they can learn that?

31:34 Do you think that strength training fundamentals should be taught in physio school?

33:02 Is there any technology that you see up and coming in this field?

33:31 Is there anything that you would like clinicians who don’t have a great idea of what you do to know?

37:19 Anything else you’d like to add in?