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Jan 5, 2020

We speak with Pharmacist, Pene Wood (PhD, BPharm, Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy at La Trobe University), about the growing issue of opioid dependence, appropriate uses for opioids, and alternative solutions.

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00:27 Can you introduce yourself?

00:56 Can you give us an overview of what opioids are, what opioid dependence is, and why this is a big issue lately?

03:54 What are the appropriate uses for opioids?

04:40 What are the stats on opioid addiction?

05:30 Why has it taken so long to find out the dangers of opioids?

06:44 What are other medications or non-medicinal options for people?

08:03 How can physiotherapists and other HCP’s help people who have been taking opioids long term?

10:36 How much interaction do you have with patients about alternatives to opioids?

12:32 Are there any signs of opioid dependence?

13:39 Are there certain medications that are over prescribed? Nerve pain medications?

15:24 What is the process like for someone to wean off opioids?

16:16 Can you tell us about your pain experience with your fall off your bike and dislocated elbow?

18:52 Any new insights from this injury?

19:34 Any advice you have for people who have gone through an injury and then developed chronic pain?