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Apr 5, 2020

We speak with physiotherapist, Dr. Daniel Harvie [B Physio (hons), M Musc & Sports Physio, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Fellow] about the use of virtual reality in the treatment of pain. Dan discusses the current uses of VR in acute pain, potential uses for persistent pain, and where he sees the future of VR heading.

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00:25 Can you introduce yourself?

01:29 Can you tell us about what you were doing for your PhD?

02:56 Can you tell us about your interest in virtual reality?

04:23 What is the history of using VR therapeutically in pain management?

09:18 Do you find that cost will be a barrier for using this type of technology?

10:02 Do you envision VR being used clinically?

10:41 What is it about the visual part of VR that leads to such a powerful effect?

13:24 Where would you like to see the future of VR going?

14:24 Can you tell us about the VR you use in the Brain Bus and how you use this to explain persistent pain?

16:14 Has there been any research with augmented reality?

18:10 How frequently would you have to use VR for pain for someone to have a therapeutic effect?

19:21 Do you have other areas of interest with research?

23:59 Are there normative values for two-point discrimination?

25:47 Are there biomarkers for pain that you think will show promise in the future?